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Trusted and free consultation site about your problems, making it easier for you to find a way out, through a guide from real ancient magic. You don’t need to be afraid to learn ancient magic, which is on our site. because you will be accompanied by a spiritual teacher and experts who are highly trusted, who have a high level of power that has been handed down by ancestors as a hereditary inheritance in Indonesia.


Your psychic development will develop more easily, and is faster to acquire the magic abilities. All this is obtained from specialist experts who only focus on Indonesia’s most powerful spiritual and mystical practices. Which originates with Javanese science and Islam. This combination is very closely related to culture and customs in Indonesia. Even today, many people, especially those in Indonesia, still practice KEJAWEN as metaphysical meditation every day, trying to connect with their inner and spiritual power in the universe.

All our artifacts and spells are accompanied by Jin, Djinn, Khodams or positive energy. Until it is able to provide extraordinary abilities for the owner. And all these artifacts do not have a negative effect on you. Because we have neutralized everything from negative aura.

Our magic catalogs contains a lot of empowerment which also includes talismans, amulets and charms, and, like an ancient mantra, this requires dedication and practice to consistently increase their potential until you reach the highest power. Which comes from the 4 elements of life that exist in this universe. Fire elements, soil elements, wind elements, and water elements. All these elements will form an energy within you to reach the highest power to yourself. Of course you can get it in Realancientmagic.com easily and quickly.

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Black Magic Healing

Empowerment of healing ancient magic is super powerful to cure from interference from the influence of black magic. Which has been tested for decades throughout the territory of Indonesia and its surroundings.

Magic Power

Ancient relics in the era of the kingdom of Majapahit, Singosari, Pajajaran, Goa, Blambangan, Panguripan, Mataram, and the entire kingdom on the island of Java. Which has a high level of magic power.

Love Spells

A high level of magical power that makes people submit and obey you. Empowerment is already very well known throughout the world. Function for your love problems.

Spiritual Cleansing

Negative aura cleaning rituals with long distance and magic items. To drive out Jinns and evil spirits, which are in your home and place of business. With the monitoring of spiritual teachers who are proficient in high-level spiritual arts.

Medical Magic

Healing from the illness you are suffering from to return to health as before. Empowerment also includes a cleansing to get rid of all bad luck in yourself and your family.


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