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Realancientmagic.com had a collection of ancient and unique artifacts. All we get from all over Indonesia. Most of the collections come from Java, this priceless relic comes from sacred places or private collections of Javanese experts
This statue has gone through a very long ritual process carried out by the Javanese spiritual teacher who has a high level of strength. During this ritual process spiritual masters undergo high-level prayer and transfer of energy in artifacts. In this process, spirit entities voluntarily use objects as houses. While the energy of the universe will gather in artifacts.

Our ancient and sacred statues have become religious and spiritual stupas in the world of KEJAWEN for centuries and as a consequence have gained the goodness of many spirits and Khodams. Their goals in the modern world are many and several and are often used as protective devices or meditation stupas at home or at work.

The religious artifacts offered here are Spiritual powers and are very suitable to be installed in homes, or sacred places of worship. Most of our collections originate in the era of empires that once existed in Indonesia, especially the Kingdom of Majapahit. From the age of thousands of years old artifacts, this has a great energy that can provide blessings to its owner.

His Spiritual and Magic Power will be beneficial to the handler in many areas of life. A person can communicate with spirits inhabited in artifacts depending on the main virtue. Psychic training is needed if someone wants to communicate directly with the natural spirit or genie. Names are provided to facilitate communication. You can choose to save this anywhere at home. This can also be part of your decoration / design.

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