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For centuries Indonesia has seen weapons of swords or daggers, which are often referred to as kris. In contrast to swords or daggers in the world, kris have a unique shape and have snake-like curves. Comes with the spiritual power invested in it during its creation, not everyone can make, only saints have a high level of martial arts, and have extraordinary spiritual knowledge. That person is often called by the name “Empu”. He has magic power able to make a kris with his hand without having to use a machine. Each part is made not only with certain intentions but also invested with individual spirit intelligence. In the end Kris provided weapons that captured the most superlative precision tools, because they combined a strong raw reality with spiritual energy that could be used for good or evil

Kris is one of the legacies or legacies in the kingdom that exist in Indonesia. like: Kingdom of Singosari, Pajajaran Kingdom, Kutai Kingdom, Mataram Kingdom, Majapahit Kingdom and many others. Although rarely heard in the West, Kris provides guards with Superlative magical weapons that are flooded with the mystical spirit of Khodams, Jin or Genies that develop and grow stronger with the passage of time because they are fragranced from aromatic oils or incense.

Because Kris is empowered with spirits, it is not considered only as a weapon and is often used as a ceremonial or even to give social status. Every Kris we sell has a spirit that lives in it which only flows positive energy. Who has the ability to protect guards, perform rituals, bestow luck or fulfill desires. The other is for every business you live. You can be sure that the Kris on our site will not disappoint you. Whether you are a beginner or a practitioner of advanced mystic arts, our catalog will enter and captivate you. So that you will get something more special so far.

Kris becomes an Indonesian spiritual object, it is an heirloom which, in the land of its birth, is passed down from generation to generation. This is something that must be respected, respected and appreciated. This is the history of the real evidence of the empire in Indonesia. and instill values of belief that are only for good, with each being energized by Khodams, or a strong genie, who by their nature will help you manage your career journey towards a better level.

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