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Khodam Naga Go Home Geni


Khodam Naga Go Home Geni




Radiate a high level of compassion
Accelerate the arrival of a mate and make your partner more sticky and affectionate, don’t turn to another heart Anyone who looks will be amazed and fall in love
Attracting the sympathy of officials/supervisors/leaders
Very good for achieving popularity in gaining power / position, as well as helping to make it easier to find fortune
Your charisma will radiate so strong that people will be happy
You will have many loyal friends and companions
Neutralize negative energy
Very suitable for those who work or anticipate when dealing with danger
Glitter loving aura
General compassion
Your face will be pictured in the minds of the people you are approaching
Easy to influence so that you follow your words
Speed ​​up you to get a partner, many people have money and
Work and can be said to be well established but it’s difficult to find a mate, yes, the Keris Heritage Open
This aura can be a bridge so you get the right partner according to what
what you want, of course, for a serious relationship
Make it easier for you to get a job, promotion or company tender
Career will continue to climb, offer after offer better will come to you and the opportunity to get the position you want so that you are always judged more by your boss/supervisor
It is easy to get the trust of superiors and friends so that you will always take precedence over others in various affairs
It’s easy to get relationships, business partners and honest people who can carry out your business to make it more advanced
The Heirloom of the Keris Opens the Aura and Gets rid of the various Sengkolos that hinder your path to
Getting a mate / partner, promotion and career, business always fails, it’s hard to get a job
In a very urgent condition or in a dangerous condition that is not possible to avoid it, your body will be immune to the threat of sharp objects and any attack that will cost you your life Insha Allah Congratulations
Protection from accidents Even if an accident occurs, the injury you suffer is relatively minor
Increase your inner intuition to read impending danger
For anyone who wears the Heirloom of the Open Aura Keris, then inside him will have a fortress
a strong magical shield so that you will avoid all the dangers that are supernatural, black magic, witchcraft, sorcery, pellets etc.
Unseen fencing from negative energy attacks The magical fortress from all evil acts of black magic is used to lock, subdue and subdue other people / enemies / anyone who is angry, emotional, crazy, unsympathetic, showing hostility to us

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