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Artifact Buto Ijo


Artifact Buto Ijo




In this statue, it is indeed ancient, we found this statue at a depth of three meters when digging for drainage in the rice fields. where also found bricks in the era of the Majapahit kingdom which are still neatly arranged. In this statue resides Buto Ijo who used to be a magical guard in the Majapahit kingdom who was assigned by the king of Brawijaya to dispel black magic aimed at the royal family. Raja Buto Ijo is one of the king’s trusts for all matters of secrecy in also seeking information on matters of people’s prosperity. and when an enemy sneaks into the community. and also has control to help guard the treasures in the Majapahit kingdom until now all of them have not been found as if they will be blocked by one of the Buto Ijo warriors. According to the Javanese, Buto Ijo is a giant figure who may also exist in your country. because this type of giant indeed often lives in the forbidden forest which is sacred by the interior tribes in Indonesia. If you have a love problem, you will be helped to find someone you care about.

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