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Asmat Spiritual Statue

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Asmat Spiritual Statue

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The uses of this statue are:

1 Its positive energy helps you to become a magnet for sustenance and wealth
2 Make it easy for you to get ideas to make your business / business able to bring abundant profits
3 Increase the potential for success in business
4 In a work environment, you tend to be respected by your coworkers and valued by your boss
5 Help you bring out and strengthen the radiance of inner beauty
6 Help melt the heart of the man of your dreams or the man you love
7 Make men who initially act cool with you, become more attentive
8 Make your face look beautiful, radiant and look younger
9 Help increase your confidence when standing in public
10 Strong self-confidence, making it easier for you to get along and find a mate that fits your criteria
11 Keeps you away from PHP guys or guys who just want to play tricks on you
12 Neutralizes negative energies that keep you from getting true love

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