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Ganesha Mini Golden Aura


Ganesha Mini Golden Aura




Spiritual Ganesha has a golden aura that symbolizes success, harmony and beauty. Someone whose glow is golden, means that he has the ability in projects and responsibilities on a fairly large scale. Ganesha who has a golden aura is one of the rare spiritual statues to be found, therefore if you have a spiritual Ganesha this is a good fortune for you who have positive and strong energy radiating from the Gods.
The benefits of this Ganesha spiritual statue are:
Neutralize negative aura into positive
if there is a black shaman who sends an attack on you then the attack will be returned to the shaman
make it easier and faster for you to get to success
in terms of work, it will be smoother
make business competitors retreat
facilitate love affairs
Your career will be more soar
The positive aura emitted makes the owner feel healthier and fitter
if placed in a meditation room, it will help you more quickly to get unseen clues

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Weight 300 g


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