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Goddess Of Grace


Goddess Of Grace




I have placed this statue in a meditation room where I practice spiritual teachings in Indonesia in the area where the Majapahit kingdom was founded, which is famous for its troop strength under the leadership of the grand vizier of Gajah Mada. which is famous for its promise called the promise of amukti palapa. to unite the entire archipelago.
in all spiritual spheres there is very much a close relationship between creator and creation. so in this statue is indeed a special statue made in ancient times and developed by our ancestors and rituals during the appointed day so that it has a close relationship from the creator. there will be many more incantations and holy prayers that are chanted in the process of the running ritual. it is like saying the ancestors used the media according to the instructions in their meditation. to make an invisible tower that has a straight signal strength that shoots upward to penetrate the 7th sky.
then spiritual people who have learned about an invisible eye or eye will clearly know if there is a very sacred item in that area.
this statue will attract a gift that comes down from the sky so that the owner will more easily grant his wish by the creator.

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