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Mahadev Spiritual Statue


Mahadev Spiritual Statue




Shiva is the god of melting, tasked with smelting everything that is obsolete and unfit to be in the mortal world anymore so it must be returned to its origin. However, in this statue it is not Lord Shiva who resides in it but a spirit that more or less resembles the power of Lord Shiva.
Here are some of the advantages that you will feel when you own this statue:
1. Can make prestige of prestige that was once weak now rise and appear bright
2. Can make you always appear more confident in front of many people
3. Make it easier for you to move up in rank, position, and position
4. Liked, liked by many people and people around you
5. Defend your current position from people with evil intentions who want to take you from danda
6. Get rid of all negative energy from your body that you often have bad luck with
7. As a very powerful companion khodam
8. Protection from all harm
9. Help get the throne and office dan
10. Radiating the power of charisma pellets of compassion
11. Strengthening positive aura and opening the aura of beauty / beauty
12. Neutralize negative energy in residence, business, business etc
13. As a powerhouse of internal energy
14. Increase self-confidence when dealing with people
15. Can be possessed from within you
16. Able to make your surroundings safe and comfortable
17. As a very powerful protective khodam
18. Make yourself more confident
19. Awaken the power of the five senses within you
20. Can detect the presence of ghosts around and haunted places
21. Immune and resistant to punches, impacts, kicks
22. Increase body resistance
23. Improve physical abilities, so you stay fit and fresher than usual
Don’t worry, because having this statue doesn’t have a bad impact on you

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Weight 1000 g


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