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Majapahit Royal Heritage Statue

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Majapahit Royal Heritage Statue

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This statue is a legacy from the bitter maja kingdom that was kept by the community because it was found when digging a well. In this statue resides a genie who will be able to help develop your business so that you have more good luck. in its completion, we carry out a 41-day ritual so that this spiritual statue has extraordinary power and blessing for its owner.
The benefits of having this spiritual statue are:
if you put this statue in your house then the house will have a magical fence to ward off witchcraft.
in your family will be more harmonious.
Your children will be happier in the house than playing out of the house until the evening.
bring a lot of luck in the whole family.
if you put it in your place of business then avoid crime.
many customers will arrive sooner than you think.
Your profit will be many times more than usual.
drive away evil jinn if they want to come to your place.
returns black magic to the sender.
Realancientmagic is one of the largest online spiritual shops in Indonesia and has a reputation for high performance and royalties to clients who can work well and are trusted. because spiritually it is a belief that the product we choose God gives him the power of a miraculous means to help him. if all that is ingrained in him then you just need to follow our instructions and cast a mantra by permeating it to get in touch with god and universe pray in this miraculous way you will get a lot of progress. Amen.
after the package arrives, you can contact me directly, I will give you instructions and how to take good care of it like you treat your pets with love so they can unite

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Weight 3000 g


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