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Mustika Waringin Breech


Mustika Waringin Breech




Benefits / Benefits of Mustika Waringin Breech:

  1. Unseen fence means to avoid negative things
  2. Increase longevity
  3. Treatment of all diseases
  4. Keep away from harm
  5. Unseen fortress fence for your business
  6. Safety for yourself and your family
  7. Increase the power of self-defense
  8. Add and build charisma
  9. Self-improvement around the circle
  10. Self immunity to (witchcraft, pellets, sorcery and the like)
  11. Gives off a high aura of authority
  12. Launch your career to the top
  13. For good luck, other benefits you will feel automatically according to your vision

Additional information

Weight 400 g


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