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Khodam companion of the White Snake Queen


Khodam companion of the White Snake Queen




The companion of the White Snake Queen Khodam has a function and luck that is more or less the same. The companion of the White Snake Queen Khodam has a clear aura and has a large energy khodam.

Benefits of Khodam companion of the White Snake Queen:
As a pelleting Aura Capsules
Multipurpose Aura Capsules are multipurpose
Unlock bright aura
High authority
Become a role model and the center of attention
Easy to get along
It’s easy to get people’s trust
Increase the attractiveness of the opposite sex
Conquering the hearts of the opposite sex
Make your partner more loyal, etc.
As a magic fence Aura Capsule
The magical fence of evil genies
Magical fence from bad luck
Magical fence from magical attacks
Walls of spirits
Expelling evil genies / ghosts
Solutions for haunted houses
Neutralizing the negative energy of a place, etc.
As Aura Capsules with khodam
Protective Khodam
Khodam which moves on reflex and protects you from negative energy
Khodam companion
Khodam can be ordered to fight the evil genie that we mean
Khodam is able to return witchcraft and sorcery attacks to the sender etc.
As a gift Aura Capsule
Selling well
Many jobs and business offers
8 magic fortune attractors
Great glory
Trusted boss / boss
Better careers
Increase commercial sales
Improve the quality of life welfare
Protectors from jealous rivals who want to bring you down

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Weight 500 g


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