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Aji khodam Petruk (Khodam Ajian Petruk)

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Aji khodam Petruk (Khodam Ajian Petruk)

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Petruk is one of the ponakawan in Javanese wayang. Petruk, one of whom has magical powers, is also known by the nickname ‘Kantong Bolong’ is a character who likes to joke with anyone, both from his behavior and words.

However, do not doubt the inner depth and magic of Petruk. One of the Punakawan figures is known to be extraordinary. He is able to fight in the enemy’s cage and does not tremble at all. because every enemy will always be reluctant before competing because of Petruk’s very positive aura.

In fact, Petruk is not just a character who is only good at cages. He also dared to complain about his supernatural powers in other areas.

Quoted from lenspurbalingga.com from the Dombos channel Youtube account, it was told that Petruk decided to go on a journey and test his supernatural powers.

1. Opens and sharpens the aura chakras on the body so that the aura that radiates is very powerful
2. Radiating a charismatic aura of authority like a king
Respected by superiors and subordinates
3. Radiating an aura of compassion / allure like a king of romance
4. Everyone who sees will be fascinated
5. Your partner will be calm with you, feel comfortable and don’t want to be separated
6. And many other benefits that you will feel later

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