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Alung Baby Doll


Alung Baby Doll




Alung’s baby spirit is the spirit of a baby who is not wanted by his parents and then thrown away and dies (usually the result of an illicit relationship or pregnancy out of wedlock)
Inside this doll, there is the spirit of the Alung baby and has positive energy, which can give harmony, happiness, prosperity, wealth, fortune, health, loved, for those who do not have children will soon be given offspring.
The owner of this doll will be guarded by the spirit of the baby Alung from all disasters and calamities. Can ward off negative energy or black magic, increase creativity and peace of mind for the owner and the whole family because this baby spirit is grateful for being cared for and will help the owner who takes good care of this doll.
Helping the owner’s wishes, guarding from all evil. I will give the baby’s name with the arrival of the package, there are no restrictions or risks for the owner.

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Weight 3000 g


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