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Among Toddler Dolls


Among Toddler Dolls




This doll has been entered by the spirit of a child who died when it was 1 year old.
This spirit has very positive energy, helps in business, financial improvement, career, is liked by many people, loved by many people, respected by many people, has many business relationships, luck, success, fortune, and returns magic and protection to its owner.
This baby treatment is very easy, just put it in the living room or workspace, I will name the baby with the arrival of the package, there is no limit or risk to the owner. If one day in your room there is a small child, you do not need to be afraid because it is the spirit in the doll that invites you to play or communicate. but if someone else sees this spirit it means he has bad intentions in his heart towards you.

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Weight 3000 g


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