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Ancient Statue Of The Blessing Of The God Of Goodness


Ancient Statue Of The Blessing Of The God Of Goodness




In this statue there is a king of the genie who rules the Java Sea which is directly adjacent to Malaysia. The king of this genie has the ability to help his owner get the maximum profit from the results of the business he runs. has the power to protect against all attacks by black magic and other astral beings. if you are a government figure, the king of jinn will take you to the highest level quickly in government. you only need to feed the genie that I have prepared and have survived for 20 years. put this statue item in a special room and only the family can enter the room. every name of this king of genies that you call, he will always be by your side to help make things easier to achieve well. This statue has a very old age when the Singosari kingdom was founded

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Weight 7000 g


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