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Chinese Genie


Chinese Genie




In this Chinese motif there are genie of Chinese ancestors. which is indeed native to the Chinese peradap who settled in the Majapahit kingdom era. These jars continue to be stored from the next generation and finally the last generation handed over this jar containing Chinese jinns to me to be more able to guide in terms of kindness. many of them have never known and studied the world of the occult has a difference that is very contrary to us. but basically the goals are the same. worship the Almighty.
the definite difference is a very different space and time.
This genie has the ability to help expedite and develop in your field of business. You just have to put this Guji in a special place in your place of business and always give the oil or food that I have given you. you just open the bottle from the oil and put it near the jar containing the Chinese genie. I will give the name when your package arrives. And it gives the right guide to try communicating to this genie.
You can continue to communicate with me when there are obstacles in the course of your business career. it took me 3 days to make a ritual for transfer to the new owner. You can contact me via via WhatsApp which has been printed on my web.

your beliefs and beliefs. to each item you choose. give real form. all the things you want.

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