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Companion Genie


Companion Genie




I will give the name of the genie after your package arrives
the companion genie is one of the genies in charge of always accompanying yourself at all times. even he is able to unite and envelop yourself when you are getting threats from anyone. in this process as if you are unconscious or reflexively acting without you knowing it or you have never learned. all that happens only for a moment. after you realize you are avoiding disaster then at that moment you realize that it is one of the protectors of the genie you have. This genie has a special ability and has positive energy. so that anyone who has this genie will indirectly have a positive nature in various things in your life.
I will give you how to care for this item easily. there is no difficulty at all that you will get. We have tamed this genie and will obey the new owner. I give consultation via via what sapp is on our web.

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Weight 500 g


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