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Fairy of the rainbow hill


Fairy of the rainbow hill




Fairy of the rainbow hill is unique and has fun and entertaining properties when we have a problem. Many lay people say they are friends of imagination. But that is not justified by the kejawen spiritual figure. they said that indeed it was classified as a fairy and not classified as a genie. Elves have their own nature, they are often located in the forest far from the crowds but the genie group prefers crowded places like the cities of more advanced cities.

The life of the fairies is still like the old days in the era of the ancient kingdom, they also occupy a separate kingdom and have soldiers. This fairy comes with us when we travel to the rainbow hilly in East Java. There is a waterfall that comes down from the hill and often emits 7 colors that are refracting. A group of fairies often gather near the spring because they like the beauty.

This fairy is a female and she is so tiny and very cute. he wants to come with us because of his desire to serve us, if you want to interact with this fairy, you just have to blow this item while mentioning the name of the fairy that we will include in our package, he will obey the owner. may be until someone else knows it. This fairy has a special ability that is attracting your opposite sex to obey all your wishes.


How to take care of this object is very easy, if you have provided, if your oil runs out, you can get oil by contacting us via our e-mail. every item we will get a guide to the package item you have chosen. We provide free consultation for you via our e-mail. All the magicitems on our site have positive energy, you don’t need to be afraid of the effects later. Our spiritual teacher has recommended that the genie, fairy khodam and danyang in the statue be defused. Only the owner can give instructions to the genie. names will be included in our package.


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