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Filling Khodam Kanjeng Grandma Bonang

Call for Price

Filling Khodam Kanjeng Grandma Bonang

Call for Price



This khodam Kanjeng embah bonang is a natural withdrawal khodam that has extraordinary khodam. This khodam is one of the followers of realancientmagic elders because it has a rare khodam. This khodam is one of the khodam of the waliyullah a long time ago during the era of the Majapahit kingdom which used to still know Hinduism, Buddhism and Javanese religion.
This khodam Kanjeng Grandmother Bonang has the benefits of God willing, for authority, fortune, bringing in Raden Kian Santang’s khodam, bringing in the genie troops of the Pajajaran kingdom, subjugating subordinates, warding off witchcraft, opening doors of luck, emitting a high-level aura of compassion, revoking the knowledge of invulnerability to weapons, ward off witchcraft attacks, restore witchcraft attacks, generate inner energy, easy to learn supernatural powers, prosperity, easy to achieve wealth, and many other benefits.
If you are interested in this service then realancientmagic will give the best price for you $ 2000. all of this for ritual needs for 4 days and along with the packaging of your kenegar. I will give instructions when the package arrives to you.

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Weight 500 g


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