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Genie, Alas Purwo


Genie, Alas Purwo




This djinn we can when we travel to “Alas Purwo”. Forest that is full of mystery, Talking about mystery will certainly never run out and certainly very interesting to listen to.
Banyuwangi, the eastern end of the island of Java which has the nickname The Sunrise of Java, aside from its extraordinary
beauty also has a myriad of mysteries. Banyuwangi Regency as the widest district in East Java has a very diverse area, ranging from beaches, mountains to parks in the form of a forest that is very charming. Behind Banyuwangi’s natural beauty there is one place of mystery which is said to be the most haunted place in Java, namely “Alas Purwo” which is believed to bring you to the dimensions of other world creatures

When our Spiritual Seacher performed a series of special rituals, There came a person who had a terrible face having fangs and a giant posture. The height of the creature was approximately 4 meters. The Javanese spiritual people called it by the name Buto.ia was a ruler in the door entering the occult dimension in alas purwo. at that moment he challenged our spiritual teacher and said that if you can defeat me then I will obey you and you can enter Alas purwo. It doesn’t take long for our spiritual teacher to conquer buto, that’s when he served us.

The ability of this genie is:
Keeping your security, home, place of business, and yourself from disturbing magic. You are spared from calamities and bad people. Your enemies are afraid when dealing with you.

how to care for this object is very easy, you only need to provide a different oil, if your oil runs out, You can get oil by contacting us via our e-mail. every item we send you will get a guide with the package item that you have chosen. We provide free consultation for you via our e-mail. All the magic items on our site have positive energy, you don’t need to be afraid of the effects later. Our spiritual teacher has been recommended that the genie, fairy khodam and danyang inside the statue be defused. Only the owner can give instructions to the genie. The name will be included in our package.

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Weight 1000 g


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