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Genie Bagdat


Genie Bagdat


The benefits of bagdat genie are:

Keeping your home from disturbing people who have evil intentions on you.

Return all attacks from black magic that are intended to damage your business.

Provide peace and security when in a home or place of business.

If there is someone who intends to enter your house, he will feel confused and cannot leave your house.

When your home stays for a long time, it looks like someone is looking at home as if someone is waiting.



We got this jinn in Islamic journeys to the sacred place located in East Java. A journey that takes so long in the depths, a wilderness that has a natural feel. With water that is so clear and far from the hustle of the city. Making the place so mystical and sticky with culture in the days of our ancestors that continues to be preserved until now.

Even before we enter the village we must perform rituals to get salvation on our journey. Our arrival was welcomed by local tribal leaders to connect the brotherhood between spiritual members throughout Indonesia. Our spiritual teacher did not expect that in a remote place like this there would be jinn from bagdats that were thousands of years old. Kaena jin has the ability to be a guard that is so strong we provide a place for an item to live in. We recommend this jinn for your kindness.



How to take care of this object is very easy, if you have provided, if your oil runs out, you can get oil by contacting us via our e-mail. every item we will get a guide to the package item you have chosen. We provide free consultation for you via our e-mail. All the magicitems on our site have positive energy, you don’t need to be afraid of the effects later. Our spiritual teacher has recommended that the genie, fairy khodam and danyang in the statue be defused. Only the owner can give instructions to the genie. names will be included in our package. We also provide a guarantee until your problem or destination is complete.

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Weight 200 g


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