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Genie Princess


Genie Princess




This highly skilled Genie-Princess is capable of assisting its Master in varied mundane matters. This attractive genie works under the authority of the Supreme Being, and can aid in matters of business, winning tenders, financial improvement and stability; games of speculation; gambling; luck; advancement in career, rank, position; attracting a soul-mate; charisma, attractiveness, personal magnetism, power of influence, etc. Wherever you go, the Genie-Princess may follow you around–its presence can be felt and if you have some clairvoyant ability you may even see it. When this happens you may converse freely with this exquisite-looking fairy. It is possible that you may also meet the genie-fairy in your dreams or when you are in the borderline-state between dreaming and being physically conscious. The genie-fairy princess comes with an object which it associates itself with–and its name is given. This item is easy to use and only requires basic occult skills in visualization, concentration, attunement, relaxation, etc. Stock is limited.

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