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Genie Prosperity

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Genie Prosperity

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By the grace of the Almighty, this mini statue will make all your dreams, wishes and desires come true. You are warned by this that you must respect the power of the talisman and its entity, namely the spirit of the mighty jinn. It exists and takes effect with the permission of the divine power of the universe and God. Therefore, this power is very pious and pure in nature and will not serve humans who harbor negative thoughts or intentions.

The Miniature Magickal Talismanic Statue contains the power that comes from the almighty Mount Anjasmara. This form of jinn comes from a very rare and isolated tribe located deep within the mountainous terrain. Their powers are believed to be of special assistance in a number of daily and higher spiritual practices. Because of this specialization, they were often employed by the Kings & Rulers of the Ancient Javanese Kingdoms. The djinn contained within this talisman realm came from somewhere from the 11th to the 13th century era. And therefore experienced and specialized for a number of services. While these are among the most ancient jinn spirits we provide on our site, they have unlimited power in your own psychic and spiritual development as their master. Our occult experts claim, this spirit physically manifests itself in the form of a handsome man.

Hired back in ancient times by mighty kings and warriors as assistant spirits, they helped solve complex problems, gave a more authoritative and famous presence, and helped rulers bring much success and prosperity to their people in general. Therefore it played a very important role in the ancient kingdom of Java.

You must have this genie spirit as your companion if you are a politician, or someone holding Public Power, authoritative or administrative positions in business or work.

Some of the virtues of this mini statue are:
– Brings you good luck and fortune; pave the way to success
– Ensure success in all your endeavors
– Help you develop and advance your business, career, etc.
– Ensure your business has a stable and increasing customer base and profits
– Helping you find the best soulmate and partner in life
– Bring happiness and contentment in all your existing relationships
– Attracts wealth from all directions to you
– Gives you abundance, none of your needs go unmet
– And many other virtues depending on your ability to manifest them as a spiritual teacher

This item is very easy to use and requires a simple process to go through in order for you to take advantage of the power contained in this mini statue.

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Weight 1000 g


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