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Genie Senopati


Genie Senopati




Although it has entered the modern era, belief in mystical matters is still developing in Indonesia, especially in Java. A number of people are known to still use mystical powers when doing various daily activities. One proof that mystical power is still inherent in the lives of Indonesian people is the number of various rituals that are often run by ancient kejawen adherents.
Communities are known to use the power of jinn for various purposes. Some use genie to avoid interference or bad deeds from someone. There are also those who use it to bring good luck so the business can run easily and smoothly.
Jin is considered capable of being a companion for those who have it. jin is the most loyal group to him. he was able to sacrifice himself for the needs of his owner. Jin is classified as a formidable warrior.
and I as a spiritual practitioner who has struggled with the .roh.jin field. and yang.peri / nymph. and khodam for decades. has provided a more reliable breakthrough. if you are involved in a battle or work as a security guard or work in national defense. then I have a companion genie who can shape you in terms of your compliance in carrying out your duties.
This genie will protect you when you are not alert.
This genie always takes care of you when you are asleep.
This jinn energy will provide immunity in you when you are stuck / pressed.
your strength will always be excellent.
not easily attacked by diseases and especially those caused by sorcery.
make you more brave.
not easily discouraged.
and many other benefits.

this item is the place to stay jin..and you have to carry it while you’re on duty. the treatment is very easy. I will put jin food. for one year and you don’t have to bother looking. if you don’t understand clearly, you can contact me through the sapp number what I include on my website. I will also give you guidance so that this genie stays in line with the energy you have.

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