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Iyung Child (Level 3)

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Iyung Child (Level 3)

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These spirit abilities are:

Make it easier for you to get rich quicker. Without having to work hard.

Gives many benefits to your business that you have been selling.

If you put this item in a money storage box at your place of business, then he is in charge of keeping your money safe.

Strengthen your aura of luck, so you have a great chance to get rich.

Luck in trading business. So that your luck can be many times.

This spirit helps you with minimal effort, you can get results that are extraordinary without you being able to calculate.

Attract abundant wealth from various sources of wealth.

Activate a very powerful money magnet in yourself so that as if money comes flocking to you.

You emit an aura of wealth. So whatever you do, during that time both will get blessings and success.



Iyung child is a person from the spirit who is a child. In Javanese society it is believed that this spirit is very reliable in stealing money or fortune for other people who are very rich. This spirit is very loyal and dedicated to the owner to find money every day. These spirits often operate in crowded places such as traditional markets. All of this I empower to complete my collection on the realancientmagic.com website, so that I can fulfill every wish of my clients who need whatever they want.

We caught this spirit intentionally and we tamed it for the good of my clients. All are good and very positive. We have neutralized the auranegative in this spirit. There was no effect in the future and there were no restrictions for the owner of this spirit. I continue to perfection in a special ritual process so that this spirit becomes the occupant of the item we specifically provide. This item is very easy to carry anywhere so no one knows about it. It can be placed in a pants pocket, or a small bag.



how to take care of this object is very easy, if you have provided, if your oil runs out, you can get oil by contacting us via our e-mail. every item we will get a guide to the package item you have chosen. We provide free consultation for you via our e-mail.

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Weight 300 g


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