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Khodam Lion Barong

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Khodam Lion Barong

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Magical Lion Barong is a very special Khodam Lion Barong that offers a series of charms designed to enhance your position and also provide protection. This is a magical item that is very beneficial for anyone to have, because it will improve your position and allow you to better handle and solve many of the problems that you encounter in your life. In addition, khodam lion barong provides valuable protection from many dangers in life, both physical and metaphysical.

this khodam lion barong can really help you in its ability to help you grow your positive energy, so that you will be able to attract good luck and prosperity.

The khodam spirit originally originated from Mount Bromo in East Java. Strength comes from the lion king’s spirit. lions are known as symbols of authority; Barong lions are not only known as symbols of authority but also locally known as spiritually strong.

This item is very easy to use, I will give a little incantation for you to give orders to him.

The following values ​​from this item are presented below:
The magical power of objects will help you to prosper
Get ahead in your career or improve your financial situation
You will be able to improve a bad financial situation
You will more easily solve many problems successfully
You will be safe from accidents and other accidents
khodam lion barong counteracts black magic, negative energy, and demonic entities
Receive protection from danger and improve your health
khodam will ward off evil acts, criminals, and people with evil intentions
Increase your authoritative presence

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Weight 3000 g


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