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Khodam of Sembrani's Horse


Khodam of Sembrani’s Horse




The Sembrani horse is a winged horse that can fly and is very brave. In the puppet story, Sembrani’s horse is Batara Vishnu’s horse. Meanwhile, according to Javanese folk saga, Sembrani is a means of transportation for kings, queens and senopati which is said according to the story when traveling always use Sembrani horses so that they can easily and quickly get to their destination.
This Sembrani Horse Khodam is a khodam that comes from magical withdrawals on Mount Slamet. This khodam has many benefits and good fortune, especially for sexuality and compassion. With this khodam energy, you can also have a super magical fence so you can avoid all supernatural dangers.
Some of the benefits of this khodam are:
Means for strong sex and satisfying partner
Suitable for those of you who are having household problems
It’s easier for you to find a match that suits you.
Overcome the difficulties of having a loving relationship with the person you like.
Erase all bad luck in love affairs.
Reinforce the romance and passion of our partner.
People you love will love you more.
Your partner becomes more loyal to you.
Bring out the feeling of peace and love in you.
If you do something wrong, it’s easier for others to forgive you.
Luck in the world of love and romance.
Returning a partner who turned a different heart
Returning the dream in the arms
Lock your partner’s soul so they don’t forget you
Conquering a woman’s heart that is difficult to subdue.

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Weight 1000 g


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