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Khodam Spirit Kharisma Pellet

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Khodam Spirit Kharisma Pellet

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In this item there is a pellet spirit that helps you to give pellets to the person you like/go to
Some of the benefits of this khodam include:
1. Opening the aura of compassion within
2. Get rid of the negative energy within you
3. Radiate an aura of attraction

4. Couples will be more affectionate and love
For men:
1. It will make women easily attracted to you
2. Make it easy for women to miss us
3. Women will easily fall in love with you
4. Make your partner comfortable when with you
5. This khodam will make you more loved by women
6. The face will emit a charismatic aura
7. Anyone who sees you will be fascinated
8. If you already have a partner, then your partner will not turn to another heart
9. You will automatically have a pair lock spell
10. It’s easy to subdue the opposite sex with words
There are no side effects in the possession of this khodam, and I will give you instructions once this package arrives at you

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Weight 2000 g


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