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Khodam Yuyu Kangkang


Khodam Yuyu Kangkang




In this item there is the spirit of Yuyu Kangkang, the guardian of the Bengawan Solo river, which is famous for being haunted for its high spiritual value on the island of Java.
Yuyu Kangkang is one of the guards at a sacred place by the river in the lower reaches of the river.
Every full moon, many local residents come to perform rituals and make offerings in the form of buffalo heads accompanied by Javanese gendhing. In these rituals, many people seek blessings for their wishes and desires to be achieved more quickly.
The policy of this yuyu kangkang khodam is:
For all purposes according to the expectations and goals of the wearer Absolute Safety from the inside out
Can make the owner’s body will be enveloped in magical energy so that if there is evil energy that will try to attack it will automatically bounce,
Amulet for Playing Gambling (Card Gambling, Dice Gambling or other gambling)
Fence yourself from supernatural disturbances or black magic, Means to advance any business so that it can quickly progress and develop
There are no restrictions whatsoever to have this khodam, and there are no negative effects in the future.

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Weight 500 g


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