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King Tuyul


King Tuyul




There are some benefits if you have this King Tuyul, such as:

  1. Makes it easier for you to find fortune
  2. Makes you a rich and successful person
  3. Powerful means of escape
  4. The energy of this statue will make all your efforts sell
  5. Ageman to facilitate the door of fortune
  6. As a means of attracting sustenance from all directions
  7. Means of success, success in life
  8. With this heirloom, all the businesses you live in will be easy to grow
  9. Helping you make it easier to win tenders
  10. Opening / pulling the door of fortune from all directions
  11. Increase your profits and profits in business
  12. Waste all the energy that brings bad luck in business
  13. You will be more likely to increase your wealth
  14. It will be easier for you to get the attention of your boss and coworkers
  15. Facilitate business negotiations

Additional information

Weight 1500 g


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