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Magical Stone "Naga dan Garuda"

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Magical Stone “Naga dan Garuda”

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This empowered item is in the form of a fossil stone. empowered items contain spirit (jin) and ancient wisdom; because this they are often used as luck and protection from magic attacks. This statue was obtained from the island of Bali.This spirit is very old. Although the exact date of the spirit is unknown, it is believed to be quite ancient. This era is when the island of Bali is ruled by the Hindi kingdom. My assessment as a kejawen spiritual practitioner in it is a dragon spirit and an eagle spirit. It is very useful for attracting and protecting great wealth. New owners can use it to help achieve extraordinary wealth, security, and well-being in life and business.
Some of the virtues that may be experienced by the owner of this
item include the following:
– Great, unexpected luck
– A growing business venture
– Avoiding misfortune
– Protection of wealth
– Protect from metaphysical attacks
– Rejection of evil spirits
– Protection of ownership
All items are equipped with a little incantation and instructions on how to use them. So you don’t get lost in the wrong way. All the items I give you. Many contain full of love and affection.

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Weight 5000 g


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