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Mr. Love Khodam


Mr. Love Khodam




NB:specifically for the purchase of every item in our store. because in the growing number of corona viruses in all countries I will give a free bonus of remote energy transfer to provide stronger immune power so that the virus does not develop in our bodies and you will get 5 magic capsules for prevention a plague to come to you.

This Khodam has expertise in romantic / love matters and can help you get the right match; he can help calm the fiery situation at home and build domestic harmony; he also helps in the following matters: getting a job, salary increase, promotion; get respect from subordinates, coworkers, and superiors in the work environment; gaining more clients and increasing sales of goods and commodities for shop owners and traders; helping someone become an efficient salesperson – selling goods easily; these items can help cure physical or non-physical illnesses; help heal property and those affected by magical / psychic attacks or evil entities; help someone to have children and childbirth that is easy during childbirth; help improve one’s mental abilities; helps in one’s metaphysical practice and attracts many clients. This item is easy to use without any singing.

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Weight 300 g


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