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Muslim Genie Brings Success


Muslim Genie Brings Success




In the wisdom of the jinn, indeed, in Javanese belief stories, there are many stories that occur, such as the story of Bandug Bondowoso by building 1000 temples in one night. Tangkuban Perahu also built a dam in one night. And the mosque was built in just one night. All of this could happen because it was believed that with the help of the Jinn troops, anything could happen. that’s why we really empower jinn to help those of you who are down and less fortunate in doing business.
The virtues of this jinn are:
make your business progress faster.
attract fortune from all directions.
New customers will keep coming.
money will flow quickly without us knowing it.
provide strong protection when you are attacked by black magic.
make your family more harmonious.
reduce complaints from customers.
lock the customer’s heart to always be a good customer.
if there is someone who wants to do evil in your place of business, that person will cancel his intention in an instant.
when the package arrives we will also include food or drink to care for this genie which is enough for 5 years. in this bottle is where the genie lives, you just open the lid and store the special cupboard, the genie will automatically go in and out of this bottle and accompany you on your every journey anywhere.

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