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Pocong Gondo Mayit


Pocong Gondo Mayit




Pocong gondo mayit is one of the creatures with supernatural dimensions. he is one of the curious spirits. so that he can be in an unseen world and be connected to the real world. This type of spirit is often sought after by traders to maintain their merchandise to be in demand or also to be told to destroy the business of our business opponents.
pocong gondo mayit was once a sorcerer who died by being executed by the enemies of his enemy so he has a grudge and until now he remains a wandering ghost who always comes when we invite the conditions specified or offerings for the summoning ritual.
because I have defeated this spirit so I put it in this item so that it can help for those of you who want to solve your business problems or help undermine the efforts of others.
There are no negative effects in the future because all are connected with my responsibility as a spiritual figure for you to help. educate. and monitor you all the time.

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Weight 300 g


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