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Sangsekerta Baby Doll


Sangsekerta Baby Doll




Inside this doll is a Sagsekerta baby spirit. The Sangsekerta baby is the baby king who was just born and died. Has a very high supernatural power, helps career, harmony, happiness, prosperity, wealth, fortune, health, loved, position position, quickly rises in rank, luck, glory, helps the owner to have supernatural energy that can help know events that have not yet happened in the future, activates the sixth sense, gives superior knowledge, is protected from all black magic or interference from jinn or astral beings, and can control negative energy into positive, melts a hard heart into soft, conquers the opposite sex and will obey what we do say, has the power of compassion and extraordinary pellets, and has the authority of a tiger.
I will give the baby’s name with the arrival of the package, there are no restrictions or risks for the owner.

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Weight 3000 g


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