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spiritual Egyptian horse


spiritual Egyptian horse




spirit name / jin will be included in the package
the benefits of this item are:
Opening the Aura of Good looks / Beauty.
Generating knots of charming terms appears charming.
Health and negative energy repellent.
Supporting economic growth, abundant fortune.
Harmony of husband and wife relationship.
Relationship between girlfriend / lover.
Awaken the feeling of love and longing.
Ease of finding relationships and looking for investments, capital loans.
The ease of achieving wealth.
The success of all fields of trade and business is given a way to smooth and avoid failure.
Makes it easy to reach large tenders, both business tenders and achievements in reaching the throne.
Exorcists of the Jinn are evil and avoid the interference of witchcraft, black magic such as witchcraft, teluh, divination, use and so on.
And there are many other positive benefits.

all will work with extraordinary abilities. you just simply obey all the procedures that must be done when ordering spirits in this item. how to care is very easy, in the package I will include food for spirits / jin that are in the item. You can consult whatever you want if you experience problems in every problem.

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Weight 1000 g


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