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The House-Hold Genie


The House-Hold Genie




If you require a genie that can aid you in various matters then this genie is the one to choose. The manner in which it functions and works is through divine commandment–the Supreme Being assigns tasks to the genie that will help take care of your need or to fix a problem–your need is conveyed to the Supreme Being through prayer. The genie is especially skillful in matters that a householder would encounter–finances, domestic issues, environmental problems, protection of the home, etc. The genie is an invisible companion and can follow you everywhere you go if it has no task to perform–you may feel its presence often through signs and sensations. If you are clairvoyant you may even see it before you–direct conversation with it is then possible. The genie has a name and this is given with the occult object that it refers to as “home.” Those limited in magickal knowledge and skill will find this item easy to use even with the simple chanting required. Stock is limited.

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Weight 500 g


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