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The Pesugihan Naga Cerek

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The Pesugihan Naga Cerek

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The Pesugihan Naga Cerek is a sacred sacred object obtained from the ritual of withdrawing an heirloom at the top of a mountain in Central Java. Khodam Pesugihan Naga Cerek is the incarnation of a white dragon who is the guardian of Mount Selamat, a figure named Ki Jagaraga. Dressed in white and scented with jasmine. Among the benefits of the Pesugihan Dragon Cerek are:

  1. As an asrana, it opens opportunities for you to achieve physical and spiritual wealth.
  2. So that you are more sensitive to see the various opportunities that you can take advantage of to gain wealth.
  3. Increase your morale and your employees so that the opportunity to become rich is wide open.
  4. Making yourself a magnet brings sustenance.
  5. Improve your profit presentation.
  6. Make customers more comfortable in your shop, stall, or place of business.
  7. Protects you from negative energy that brings bad luck.
  8. Bring various benefits in all your activities.
  9. All your efforts related to selling products/services will be easier to grow rapidly.
  10. Make it easier for you to be able to negotiate with your work clients.

This Dragon Cerek Pesugihan is safe to treat as a talisman, and there are no restrictions and no side effects.


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