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The Spirit Of The king Of Bagaskara

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The Spirit Of The king Of Bagaskara

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Best wishes always .. hopefully always in the protection of God … many clients ask and bring a statue from another online shop or some also deliberately bring it from their grandparents … but after being brought home and placed in the house within a few months began to feel a lot the increasingly chaotic changes in the economy and the many problems in all of his careers are getting worse. And they ask me and I always respond to my clients who have bought the passion I recommend. they asked why wasn’t the statue I bought from another online shop or the one I brought from another country was not the same as the statue I had recommended for them. so I also have no problem answering them. for you to know a statue is just a container like a glass. and water like spirit. many different spirits and also have different characters as well as humans. every statue is not necessarily able to be visited by spirits or zeal. because the container or statue must have the correct criteria through the correct ritual process if it is devoted to being a house or a place for a genie or a strong spirit. in Java studied at my place of study in the Majapahit Kingdom area. much insight into the aspect of the union between the invisible worlds harmonized with all the universes that exist in the world. and there are still many more extreme and high level spiritual knowledge for the perfection of the knowledge that you have got to be stronger.

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