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Three-Headed Dragon Spirit


Three-Headed Dragon Spirit




I will give you the name of this dragon when the package arrives, along with the instructions you will use to achieve the benefits of this three-headed dragon spirit.
The benefits of having this three-headed dragon spirit include:
1. As a means to get rich faster than usual
2. Your chances of success in business
3. Is a safe handle from victimization and side effects (negative)
4. The process of use is easy without having to do heavy penance and rituals
5. Khodam in it will give a hunch so that you can be more careful in determining business steps
6. As a business leader, you will get an aura of authority and charisma as a leader
7. Make your employees more obedient and respectful to you
8. Makes it easier for you to negotiate with partners or buyers
9. The white khodam in this lucky charm will bring you a promising business partner
10. Keeps you away from excessive losses
11. Give you fresh ideas for business development
12. The positive energy of this lucky charm will neutralize and ward off various kinds of negative energy in your business environment lingkungan
13. Besides that, it will also provide a comfortable aura so that your employees can work more optimally
14. Protect you from attacks or disturbances, both supernatural and supernatural that will harm you and your business
This Three Headed Dragon Spirit has no side effects

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Weight 3000 g


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