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Turkish Genie


Turkish Genie




We got this Turkish genie during the ritual process at the graves of the scholars who did have descendants in the Turkish area. when we visited the grave of the ulamak, this genie was beside the tomb of the ulamak. at that time we tried to interact with him until our elders convinced him and wanted to come with us to be assigned to help people do good and make people happy with his help.
ji turkey’s policies are:

Your mainstay genie facility.
genie who will protect his new master in the future wherever and whenever.
Jinn energy can be used to neutralize the disturbance of spirits and evil jinn.
Can protect the owner of the genie from various threats of wild animals / ordinary animals.
Help protect your place of business, your home from the risk of accidents, such as fire or accidental accidents.
Can melt the evil intentions of someone who wants to harm you.
Radiate lucky energy within you so that you will always get various kinds of luck.
In everyday life you will be more fortunate to meet people who always support you to achieve success.
The energy of the genie will form a magical shield that will protect you from the threat of witchcraft and witchcraft.
Can return witchcraft / negative energy attacks to the sender.
As a means to attract customers flocking to your place of business.
Make it easy to attract the interest and sympathy of customers / potential buyers.
Help you grow your business to be bigger.
Possess the knowledge of aji gendam, soul, subjugation, charm and dragging.
As an opener to the aura of the face and whole body, you don’t need to go to a shaman for aura surgery and implants.
As a means to bring wealth.
Streamlining the flow of sustenance and accelerating the acquisition of wealth.
Help you get the right relationship to reap the benefits and wealth.
Avoiding your business from various misfortunes.
Streamlining your affairs in conducting business negotiations, in order to reach an agreement that benefits both parties.
Make your life more successful and prosperous.

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Weight 1000 g


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