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Two Guardian Genie (Dua Jin Penjaga)

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Two Guardian Genie (Dua Jin Penjaga)

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Inside this item is a genie that is usually used to protect its owner.
The uses of these 2 Jin Guardians are:
The power of inner strength, if we are attacked we will automatically attack back fiercely
The charisma of the great authority so that it is respected by friends and foes, in the legality of business
Khodam companion for safety and to prevent you from all attacks, both physical and supernatural
Body protection is safe from sudden attacks
Destroy the evil enemy’s khodam perewangan
Send attacks to opponents who are against you
Exorcise the evil jinn around you that disturb the peace of you and your family
Summoning and bringing the spirits of the ancestors to communicate
Makes you have a high level of prestige and is respected by many people
Provides protection and an unseen fence for you and your family from all kinds of disturbances and attacks
Khodam that you can call and you can interact with
As an agent for a means of business escape
Means to get rid of enemies/competitors
Neutralize negative air
Treating possessed people
Khodam guard house or place of business
There are no side effects in the possession of this genie, and it does not cause any negative effects.

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Weight 500 g


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