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Ancestral Sword

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Ancestral Sword

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This ancestral sword has always been passed down from generation to generation to give a symbol that the bearer of this sword has the ability to be inherited by his ancestors and master the knowledge that is inherited. That’s why this sword has a sacred place that must be preserved as a living witness at that time. Inside this sword resides a spirit that will help its owner.
The benefits of this ancestral sword for its owner are:
1. Protect the owner and his entire family from black magic.
2. When placed in the house, your house will be protected from the target of robbers.
3. gives off an aura of authority when held by the owner.
4. You will be more respected by the people around you.
5. And your words will always be heard and your words convince all who listen.
6. When you take your sword out of its scabbard, your hands will vibrate and you will feel confident when you are unmatched.
The energy that enters your body will make you tireless.
8. If there is an evil spirit that will enter your house, spirit will be afraid to run away from your house before disturbing the whole family.
if you choose this item then in my package will also include this sword treatment oil so that the spirit power remains stable and stronger. This treatment oil will suffice for 5 years.

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