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Arjuno Mountains Heirloom (Pusaka Gunungan Arjuno)

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Arjuno Mountains Heirloom (Pusaka Gunungan Arjuno)

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Mount Arjuno is a conical (resting) volcano in East Java, Indonesia with an altitude of 3,339 m above sea level. Mount Arjuno is administratively located on the border of Batu City, Malang Regency, and Pasuruan Regency and is under the management of the Raden Soerjo Grand Forest Park. Mount Arjuno is the second highest mountain in East Java after Mount Semeru, as well as being the fourth highest on the island of Java. Usually this mountain is reached from three well-known climbing points, namely from Lawang, Tretes and Batu. The name Arjuno comes from one of the Mahabharata puppet characters, Arjuna.

The name Arjuno became the name of this mountain because of the legend passed down about the origin of Mount Arjuno. It is said that Arjuna meditated on a mountain peak so diligently that his body had a light with extraordinary power and great impact.

Because this mountain has extraordinary power and great impact, the items that were withdrawn from this mountain also have extraordinary power.

One of them is the heirloom of Gunungan Arjuno which can provide prosperity and success in work. If you have this heirloom then you will be facilitated in the work you do. It is enough to put this heirloom around your workplace and the spirits that reside in this heirloom will help you

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