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Bonar Dragon's Heirloom


Bonar Dragon’s Heirloom




This bonar dragon heirloom is a science and practice along with a spell that is owned as perfectly as possible accompanied by Fasting for 100 Days so that its properties are very steady and effective for those who buy it.
The Benefits of the Heirloom of the Dragon Bonar:
Safeguarding businesses and businesses from supernatural and physical disturbances
Get rid of other people’s negative traits towards you
Shining charisma can subdue even the unseen nation
Means of Connecting to the unseen world
Drop and affect someone near and far
Mess up other people’s minds
For physical and supernatural safety
Repel logs from various black magic attacks
Subduing even the fiercest khodam
Fence yourself with supernatural powers
The power of healing spiritual science
The science of destroying brajamusti
Strengthening energy in spiritual kebathinan
Afraid of the Unseen Nation
Has high charisma from all sources of the earth, mountains and sky
Be your bodyguard who can pounce on someone’s khodam

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Weight 500 g


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