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Gandring Heirlooms Machete


Gandring Heirlooms Machete




It is estimated that this machete was once brought by the Gandring master. Empu is a person who is very good at making weapons. In Indonesia there are many keris heirlooms or other sharp objects inherited from the era of ancient kingdoms that have developed throughout the archipelago. Her employer is considered a strong person and is able to make lethal weapons in a relatively short time. Because the magic power produced is so strong. Like what was done by MPU Gandring. A famous weapons maker in the era of the Kingdom of Singasari who has a high level of spiritual art. MPU are usually very educated and intelligent people.
Mpu Gandring is told from the Lulumbang area (Plumbangan), north of Wlingi City, Blitar. In this place he made many weapons which were orders from many high-ranking royal officials in Java. From here Ken Arok was introduced by Mpu Gandring by Bango Samparan who was Ken Arok’s adopted father. His attempt to kill his own master. and Ken Arok ordered a keris heirloom from Mpu Gandring.
His father who lived in Karuman (Garum, Blitar) brought Ken Arok to meet Mpu Gandring. Men who are obsessed with the power of Singasari finally order a kris that can kill people in one stitch. Mpu Gandring agreed to Ken Arok’s request by asking for one year. As time went on until then, Ken Arok was able to return to Lulumbang to get a kris order. He was so excited and curious to use it quickly but when he arrived
in that place, said Mpu Gandring. Making a dagger is not a case of printing metal into a form of weapon. There needs to be special rituals such as fasting for the selection of the right ingredients. And making daggers is not forged by machines but by the power of hands to form metal. Of course the keris was not finished yet because Ken Arok arrived in five months. The fight between Ken Arok and Mpu Gandring eventually became a disaster. The imperfect kris was made with difficulty by Mpu Gandring. Ken Arok was used to kill Mpu Gandring. Ken Arok did it because he was carried away by emotion and ambition. Although the kris had not yet been completely finished, the kris had revealed its magic until MPU Gandring died on the spot. Before exhaling his last breath, he made a curse. The kris that had been made would later kill the seven descendants of Ken Arok, including himself. Ken Arok ignored the curse. In a hurry, Ken Arok returned to the city of Tumapel.
In a short trip, Kris, who was made unfinished, was only able to kill six people. They are the makers of Mpu Gandring, Kebo Ijo who partnered with Ken Arok, Tunggul Ametung, Ki Pengalasan, Anusapati, and Ken Arok himself. And after that the existence of a kris that ate many large people was unknown. There is a spiritual expert who said the kris disappeared in the crater of Mount Kelud. Others say the kris returned to the grave of MP Gandring. And wait for the right person to have it. Who can control this powerful power. It is said that there was a knight named Arya Kamandanu who meditated at Mpu Gandring’s funeral, to borrow a kris to fight Entong Bajil. Because the puspa dragon dagger was captured by Entong Bajil. One that can defeat the dragon puspa keris is the famous Mpu Gandring keris. Until now many spiritual figures have hunted daggers and all the works of Empu Gandring.

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