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Gareng Heirloom


Gareng Heirloom




Gareng is one of four clowns who often appear in wayang shows. Gareng has the full name ‘Nala Gareng’, but is more familiarly called ‘Gareng’. Gareng himself is a member of the aristocracy who has a limp leg. Where is a symbol that we must be careful in acting. In addition to a limp leg, Gareng also has other physical disabilities in the form of a broken hand which has a symbol of not taking other people’s rights.
Gareng Traits and Traits: Positive Aura

Gareng’s real name is Bambang Sukadadi where he is the eldest among Semar’s three other sons, Petruk and Bagong. Gareng has a polite and gentle nature when acting in everything. Where this trait makes Gareng a wayang character who is valued in wisdom. Until finally he was trusted to be an advisor to the Pandavas.
For his physical nature, Gareng has an imperfect body. His face was ugly and his eyes crossed. But Gareng has a positive aura, where people around him always feel happy when close to him.
In wayang stories, Gareng is always the mediator when his younger siblings fight. Even Gareng had awakened Petruk, when Petruk became king and forgot his arrogance. Gareng if interpreted in Javanese means dry. Where means that his heart is dry from the temptations of worldly lust. That is, he always refuses with all the poisons of the world. His broken hand also gives the meaning that Gareng does not like to use his power to do things arbitrarily. It could be said that his hands were always protected from ugly traits.
His limp legs give the meaning of being careful in acting. Because everything in the world has its good and bad effects. So we should not be in a hurry to make decisions and move forward.
Gareng is the second punawakan after Semar. Where he is the son of Gandarwa who is a compatriot of the jinn and was adopted as his first child Semar. Another name for Gareng is Pancalpamor which means rejecting all things that are worldly. There is also another name for Gareng besides Pancalpamor, namely Pegatwaja, which means he doesn’t like to eat delicious food, is wasteful, and invites disease. He always eats simple food. While his popular name is Nala Gareng which means dry from prosperity, so he always does good to everyone.
so if you have this heirloom then you are easy to trust when providing solutions to people who have problems. and is perfect for a presidential spokesman for a grip charm.

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