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Garuda Wasesa Spear


Garuda Wasesa Spear




This spear has a very strong and positive energy and enthusiasm. nothing can dissipate his energy when it enters the human body then the human will become more violent and the person will become more emotional or angry. This spear was once held by the border guard gate of the Majapahit kingdom. he is always feared by everyone and his enemy enemies.
This item gives you courage. I will give a procedure of how the spirit in this item can enter your body. it’s easy to see its characteristics if this spirit can be integrated with you. your body will feel hard and stiff. as if your spirit is blazing. all body feels move by itself. then automatically you also have immunity with any weapon if this spirit state is integrated with you. but you do not be afraid. I will take full responsibility and provide instructions and provide the key to you remain normal as a human being in general. there are no negative effects in the future. You can always communicate with my direction at any time you want to use or unite the spirit into your body.

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Weight 500 g


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