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Geni Dragon Keris


Geni Dragon Keris




The Geni Naga Heirloom Keris is an heirloom with the shape of a geni dragon figure that is very sacred. This keris is very suitable to be used as a collection as well as heirloom savings.
This Naga Geni Heirloom Keris has the efficacy to throw away bad luck, keep away bad luck so that life is a lot of success and avoids failure in any case, Luck in Business, Business, Position, Romance and so that life is always lucky to open the way of luck.
There are no side effects in the possession of this keris, because we have given a ritual before we send this keris to you. To eat and drink this kris, you will get it from us with a lifetime guarantee as long as you use this kris.

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Weight 1000 g


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